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Lizett Aburto

President gmail: president@shpecsun.org

As president, I aspire to build our members leadership skills and push them out of their comfort zone to remind each person that they are capable of achieving great things. I also plan on building the sense of familia with new and old members throughout the academic school year. SHPE CSUN has always offered its members a familia and I want to continue to grow that by expanding our members network and resources especially during the times we are in right now.

Joel Garcia Valencia

Vice President gmail: internalvp@shpecsun.org

I joined SHPE because benefited me in multiple ways where I won't recognize my old self. My goal is to improve SHPE by helping my president, keeping things organize and prepared for this academic year. Making sure meetings run smoothly, and lastly communicate with other organizations/ clubs to plan out online social events or help one another during Covid, mostly benefiting them and us through networking.

Daniel Olvera

External Vice President gmail: externalvp@shpecsun.org

My goal is to create opportunities that will help members grow into thriving professionals. My efforts include opportunities for members to network with professionals and other SHPE chapters. I also want to support our mentorship program so our familia's culture to "lift as you climb" can live on. Many of us share similar struggles. However, in SHPE we are not left to face these challenges alone and we aim to support each other and create meaningful experiences.

Diego Duran

Director of Finance gmail: finance@shpecsun.org

As Director of Finance, I oversee the budget of SHPE. For this year my goal is to leave our organization in good terms economically. Leaving a safictory budget for the next year board would help our organization plan future activities that would be beneficial for our memebers.

Jonathan Diaz

Director of Corporate Relations gmail: outreach@shpecsun.org

Roxana Ortiz

Director of Public Relations gmail: publicrelations@shpecsun.org

Through my position as Director of Public Relations, my main goal would be to recruit new members by advertising and marketing SHPE to the best of my abilities. I will do this by creating and upholding a positive image of SHPE CSUN. Although member recruitment is a difficult task, I believe I have the ability to reach as many new members as possible because of my creative and interpersonal skills.

Julie Salazar

Director of Outreach gmail: outreach@shpecsun.org

As an aspiring first-generation college student, my goal is to give back to my community. I hope to accomplish this by mentoring and teaching underrepresented students in regards to STEM.

Leslie Renteria

Director of Communication gmail:

Professional development and gain important skills. Help others grow and encourage them to take leadership roles in the future.

Azmyne Asad

Director of Student Affairs gmail: studentaffairs@shpecsun.org

As the student affairs director, I plan to help our SHPE chapter's members do as well as they can through study sessions, individualized help and organization.

Megan Godinez

SHPEtina Chair gmail: shpetinachair@shpecsun.org

Regardless of gender, I want to help our members to acknowledge the Latina identity and representation in Engineering. SHPE is an inclusive welcoming family. My goal is to empower women by providing professional development and actively challenging negative perceptions against women in STEM.

Fatima Serrato

SHPE Jr. Liaison gmail: shpejrchair@shpecsun.org

As a liason between SHPE CSUN and SHPE Jr, i want to continue building a community between CSUN and San Fernando HS. I want to use my experience and knowledge to help HS students get through the stress of applying to college and build their confidence to be able to choose engineering. One of my goals is to have at least 15 new students consider engineering for their future and have at least 5 seniors declare engineering as their major. I would also like to invite other members of shpe or other engineering students to share their testimony to these HS students to encourage and inspire them.

Samuel Vargas

Co-SHPE Jr. Liaison gmail: shpejrchair@shpecsun.org

Develop SHPE Jr chapter at Sylmar High School by exposing students to various opportunities and aspects of STEM. I hope to create a community of like-minded individuals that also functions as a network. My hope is for the students to be able to learn from one another while learning about the possibilities in Engineering and having the tools to one day achieve their goals.

Jennifer De Avila

Alumni Chair gmail: alumnichair@shpecsun.org

Expand and establish Student to Professional MentorSHPE program. Create a bridge to our alumni and current members to create relationships, gain insight in career and graduate opportunities

Javier Barrera

Chair of Technology gmail:

My time with SHPE has brought me many new experiences and friendships that I will always remember in the future. I have learned that being a major in STEM can be stressful and that sometimes you need some support to get through your time in school. That is why my goal this year is to be able help our members with any help that they need by answering their questions or by directing them to people or resources that will help them reach an answer. I also plan on maintaining the services that make our communication and network possible.

Erik Morales

Graduate Chair gmail: graduatechair@shpecsun.org

SHPE CSUN is a community on campus where people of similar interests, goals, and experiences can come together to do good work for each other and the engineering community at CSUN. We are a strong community of dedicated students who strive to make the college experiences as rich and rewarding as possible.