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Fernando A. Barajas

President gmail: president@shpecsun.org

As part of SHPE 2021 board, my goal and aspirations for my position are a lot but most imporantly i want to be make sure my familia and fellow students are inform, enhance their skills and professiionalism but manily its my dream someone once told me "Everything is possible, the only thing between you and your goal is yourself... so go and make them true."

Samuel Vargas

Internal Vice President gmail: internalvp@shpecsun.org

Any task can be made more manageable through teamwork and cooperation. As part of SHPE, my goal is to make the school year more enjoyable by cultivating lasting bonds between members through study sessions and off-campus activities.

Leonel Hernandez

External Vice President gmail: externalvp@shpecsun.org

I joined SHPE to give back to the CSUN community the same opportunities I have benefited from.

Victor Antonio

Director of Finance gmail: finance@shpecsun.org

I joined SHPE because of the community of like minded individuals who are passionate for engineering. I ran for a board position for a greater involvement within the organization and to help the CSUN chapter as much as I can.

Jose Alfonso Chicas Valle

Director of Corporate Relations gmail: corporaterelations@shpecsun.org

I joined SHPE to empower my community. I want to change the way Latinos are perceived.

Alexandra Martinez

Director of Public Relations gmail: publicrelations@shpecsun.org

I joined SHPE to build a community of STEM leaders. I loved it from my first year and I'm excited to be part of the board for the second time! By joining SHPE, you will always have a Familia.

Diego Duran

Director of Outreach gmail: outreach@shpecsun.org

What inspired me to be part of SHPE was that I wanted to improve and find a better version of myself. My cousin showed me the opportunities the organization offer to develop my leadership skills and put them to service in my community.

Nereida B.

Director of Communication gmail:

I joined SHPE to gain knowledge, and experience in leadership, improve communication skills and form those long-lasting bonds. My goal is to make new Members feel welcome as I was when I joined SHPE :)

Estefany Ortega

Director of Student Affairs gmail: studentaffairs@shpecsun.org

I loved the first SHPE meeting that I attended and remembered how I felt welcomed in the club. I want others to have that same feeling in SHPE, to make friends and fun experiences at CSUN. Whether through workshops or game nights, I want to continue SHPE's welcoming hospitality.

Kelvin Martinez

Chair of MentorSHPE gmail: mentorshpe@shpecsun.org

I originally joined SHPE to get to know more people in the engineering department, and always heard great things that SHPE has to offer. I want to create a space for students to come in and learn from one another and foster everlasting friendships.

Miguel Guerrero

SHPE Jr. Chair gmail: shpejrchair@shpecsun.org

The reason why I joined SHPE is because its like a second familia, and why I joined the board as SHPE Jr chair is because I want to help students to take on the opportunites in the stem field without worrying too much about the future.

Brian Sanchez

Mentee Liason for MentorSHPE gmail: menteeliaison@shpecsun.org

I joined SHPE because I want to be part of a community that can help each other succeed, and to one day return the favor by helping others advance themselves for their future.

Azmyne Asad

Social Chair gmail: socialchair@shpecsun.org

I want to keep the spirit of this organization ignited amongst others. To that end, I want to help SHPE reach more students and create a hospitable environment for our members to socialize with others. I want to help SHPE grow to be known as an asset of CSUN itself.

Justin Arbaiza

Alumni Chair gmail: alumnichair@shpecsun.org

I joined SHPE, because it has opened me to many different opportunities that I wouldn't done on my own. I joined SHPE to give back to my community and encourages students who have disabilities such as autism, mental health, ect. To pursue higher education in STEM. They all have a sense of purpose in this world, and we all have a story to tell. I am also currently a lifetime member through the organization, and have been part of SHPE now going on 5 years now. The reason I joined the board is to give back to my lcaol chapter to give our members the support that is needed to be successful in their future endeavors.

Abel Nieto

Chair of Technology gmail: tech@shpecsun.org

As a Chair of Technology, I aspire to learn as many skills as possible and apply them to help whomever needs it.

Giovanni Barrera

Chair of Technology & Amistad Chair gmail: tech@shpecsun.org

I joined the SHPE board as the chair of technology because I really like working with tech and to help others with tech related problems. As the chair of technology I get to help other board members with their SHPE accounts and to offer tech support to them when they need it. As the Amistad chair my goal is to make a program where students can learn and help each other in order to get through college and beyond.

Sayra Reyes

Assistant Director of Communications

Jocelyn Mata

SHPEtina Chair gmail: shpetinachair@shpecsun.org

I joined SHPE to be more involved in engineering organizations and learn how to be a better leader. I want more females to see other females in leadership positions so they get the confidence to apply for leadership positions. I want to be a voice for younger generations and inspire them to pursue a STEM career.