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Hazel Valladarez

President gmail: hazel.valladarez@shpecsun.org

As President, I really hope to push all of our members out of their comfort zone and remind each one of them that they are capable of so much. SHPE CSUN has so many opportunitties ranging from friendships to building professional networks and it's so important that anyone that becomes aquanted with us knows that. I also hope to influence and create a strong group of confident leaders that are prepared to tackle the industry.

Anibal Olvera

Internal Vice President gmail: anibal.olvera@shpecsun.org

SHPE has given me the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and friends that otherwise I would have never crossed paths with. My goal as Internal Vice President is to continue to pass on this knowledge and advice I received when I first started at CSUN. Our school has a strong underrated community of dedicated students that strive to succeed and grow. I am determined to keep pushing this potential while adding new faces to mi familia.

Andrew Delgadillo

External Vice President gmail: andrew.delgadillo@shpecsun.org

My goal is to create opportunities that will help members grow into thriving professionals. By networking with other SHPE chapters, members will be able to expand their network. Also, I would like to make opportunities for members to gain mentoring from professionals. As a first-generation college student, I was faced with many challenging obstacles in pursuing my degree. So I would like to help freshmen and transfer students connect with SHPE CSUN to have informative guidance during their transition to college.

Diego Vasquez

Director of Finance gmail: diego.vasquez@shpecsun.org

Growing up, I was not aware what engineering was until I reached my senior year of high school. No one in my family is an engineer and when i joined SHPE, I realized there were many people in the same situation as I was in. My goal for this year is to guide and advise other engineer majors by collaborating in outreach events that will be planned throughout the year.

Joseph Rinke

Director of Corporate Relations gmail: joseph.rinke@shpecsun.org

My goal is to provide students with opportunities to grow and develop from networking opportunities, resume workshops, interview preparation, and engineering conference preparation. In collaboration with other academic chapters and professionals in industry I plan to give CSUN students a unique experience to implement skills that aren't necessarily taught in the classroom. Career building starts now!

Miguel Guerrero

Director of Public Relations gmail: Miguel.guerrero@shpecsun.org

My goal is to emphasize our club to be interactive in social media. As well as providing feedback on social media.

Jennifer Jimenez

Director of Student Affairs gmail: Jennifer.Jimenez@shpecsun.org

Informing members about senior design and how to select. -Present volunteering opportunities for senior design -Having "a select your classes day" for enrolling in the following term -Give out rewards for good grades -Mentorship program

Lizzet Aburto

SHPEtina Chair gmail: lizett.aburto@shpecsun.org

I hope to give a larger platform to female engineers at CSUN in order to be able to succeed in and out of classroom. As a young women who is in a predominately male field I understood that it can be intimidating walking into a classroom and realizing that you are the only female in the room. We may not be able to change the ratio of of male to female engineers, but we can change how women see women in engineering. My goal for this semester is to inform our Shpetinas and hopeful female engineers about the opportunities women have in industry as well as introduce them to some incredible women engineers.

Megan Godinez

SHPE Jr. Liaison gmail: megan.godinez@shpecsun.org

My goal is to inspire young minds of all ages to pursue STEM fields. With our SHPE Jr. chapters in both middle school and high school, I hope to share the importance of innovation and applying teamwork collaboration through hands-on creative projects. Especially encouraging young girls to aim for a future in Enginneering.

Diego Duran

Co-SHPE Jr. Liaison gmail: diego.duran@shpecsun.org

Follow up with the San Fernando and Monroe High School process of creating a chapter SHPE Jr. chapter. - Contact different High Schools to explore the posibility of creating a future SHPE Jr. CHapter. - Set good basis for future members to keep working on the SHPE Jr. Chapter

Rodrigo Garcia

Social Chair gmail:

I hope to organize social events where new and old members can get to know each other and expand the strong sense of familia that SHPE CSUN offers.

Daniel Olvera

Alumni Chair gmail: daniel.olvera@shpecsun.org

Serving this role, I will make sure our chapter maintains communication with alumni. These individuals are a priceless resource to undergraduates. With their wisdom comes the key to post-grad sucess. My goal this year is to collaborate with these individuals to present on how to ensure a sucessful intrernship experience.

Javier Barrera

Chair of Technology gmail:

My time with SHPE has brought me many new experiences and friendships that I will always remember in the future. I have learned that being a major in STEM can be stressful and that sometimes you need some support to get through your time in school. That is why my goal this year is to be able help our members with any help that they need by answering their questions or by directing them to people or resources that will help them reach an answer. I also plan on maintaining the services that make our communication and network possible.

Joel Garcia Valencia

Co-Chair of Technology gmail:

My goal is to help my president with any technology recommondation needed, and to support my Chair of technology.

Erik Morales

Graduate Chair gmail: emorales@shpecsun.org

SHPE CSUN is a community on campus where people of similar interests, goals, and experiences can come together to do good work for each other and the engineering community at CSUN. We are a strong community of dedicated students who strive to make the college experiences as rich and rewarding as possible.