We Set the Bar of Success!

SHPE CSUN is a part of a nationally recognized professional society that provides an environment which fosters familia , academia, and professionalism. Through the help of a strong social network, diverse interdisciplinary membership, and industry leading alumni support, our members are empowered to achieve greatness through all facets of their lives.

Our foundational pillars


Chapter Development

We are devoted to creating a foundation that is reinforced by long term-relationships, accountability and team bonding. In our organization, dedicated members are pivotal to the success of SHPE CSUN. Dynamic and diverse membership is foremost, where the connection between personal life and academics is bridged. SHPE CSUN’s chapter development is engineered with a sense of familia.



Together we strive to compile a learning program that incentivizes academic improvement and performance. Providing a modular network of study groups, peer support, and academic workshops. Academic greatness is ensured via club resources and commitment to each other.


Leadership & Professional Development

Our members are provided opportunities and structured workshops yielding strong leadership skills, thus translating into greater career advancement. By utilizing industry leading alumni, members leading by example, and the ability to climb SHPE CSUN’s organizational ladder; our leadership development is the very best CSUN has to offer. In addition SHPE CSUN commits to set up an array of workshops and conferences developing interpersonal skills. Through active networking, we strive to encourage our members to form a rapport with professionals, making the transition from college to industry.


Community Outreach

SHPE CSUN as an organization is committed to changing young lives in the Southern California Area through STEM oriented community programs. As role models in our communities, we aim to inspire and mold future leaders. Through the use of awareness and dismantling stigmas, we see STEM as gateway to an attainable future; free of negative socio-economic factors.

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Our Members Go Farther!

SHPE CSUN member's begin their professional career with skills and knowledge to succeed in their given field.
[Michael] often felt that I had more questions than answers and it was through SHPE that I learned that this was okay. My advise to future members is to strive to create your own path from lessons learned of those that have already started their journey; if you fail to obtain the internship, fellowship, or scholarship you wanted do not give up on yourself because there is an opportunity waiting for you - you just have to be willing to find it.
[Hector] is forever grateful to those who introduced him to the SHPE CSUN chapter back in 2007, which opened up the doors to an unthinkable future. A future where he overcame many obstacles to help others achieve their dreams while growing as a leader in the community through various leadership, outreach, and mentoring activities
Each and every day SHPE has helped me grow and they have accepted me into their familia. With their help and encouragement, I joined the executive board; I might have been rushing into everything, but I knew the SHPE familia was going to be there to support me. Because of SHPE, I not only have more friends, but I am now part of a familia. Joining SHPE was one of the best decisions I have made

SHPE CSUN Board Members

Alejandro Martinez ²

Studies Computer Science

My goal this year is to ensure that SHPE CSUN continues to push forward innovation as well as have our club encourage our university to enrich our members’ educational experience further. As a larger group our message is allowed to transcend further than club meetings, creating successful external partnering’s.

Rodrigo Garcia

Internal Vice President
Studies Mechanical Engineering

When I joined SHPE, I was quiet and only showed up to the meetings for the food. I was given an opportunity to be a leader, and I've grown a lot since then. I hope to see the same personal growth in some of our new members.

Jose Olmedo

External Vice President
Studies Manufacturing Systems Engineering

I am a highly motivated individual who is always up for a challenge and prepared to tackle any problem that arises. I have a lot plans in mind to help make SHPE CSUN even greater this year. Some of those plans include implementing a mentorSHPE program that will help our familia grow and become more united, build corporate relationships, and lastly inspire others to take on leadership roles.

Erik Morales

Director of Student Affairs
Studies Electrical Engineering

SHPE CSUN is a community on campus where people of similar interests, goals, and experiences can come together to do good work for each other and the engineering community at CSUN. We are a strong community of dedicated students who strive to make the college experiences as rich and rewarding as possible.

Lizett Aburto

Director of Finance
Studies Mechanical Engineering

Because of where I grew up I would really like to do more outreach events this year with schools in the valley. In high school I was never aware of what engineering was or what classes to take that could help me in college. Therefore I would like the ability to work with students and help them pave a path for college. I will be working on creating more outreach events where students see the different departments of engineering and how subjects such as mathematics and science are applied in our careers.

Vanessa Vargas

Director of Communications
Studies Electrical Engineering

As Director of Communications, I would like to find better and more effective ways of delivering information to our members. I feel communication is essential for expanding SHPE CSUN and I want to make sure that we keep growing our familia.

Pamela Norva

Director of Public Relations
Studies Computer Engineering

I was once a student who disliked speaking and did nothing but study. Joining SHPE forced me to communicate and I like the mental push it gives me as it challenges me to do better and as it is also essential to my professional development. As the Director of Public Relations, my goal is to give emphasis on the diversity the club offers and help other people grow especially through the use of social media.

Hazel Valladarez

Director of Outreach
Studies Electrical Engineering

By reinforcing the sense of unity and familia, I hope I can guide SHPE members into opening the minds of young ones and helping them understand what STEM really is. There is nothing greater than being able to work as a team and help change lives. Hopefully, by the end of the semester, we will inspire people to become future engineers.

Ariadna E Medina

Director of Corporate Relations
Studies Computer Engineering

My aim this semester as a SHPE member is to grow as a leader, increase my social skills and create connections, not only social but also professionally that will help us grow as a club and fulfill our goals and mission.

Chair Members

Beatriz Acuña

Social Chair
Studies Mechanical Engineering

When I started studying at CSUN I didn't know there was a place where I could fit in, but I was introduced to SHPE and I felt welcomed. When I joined I felt connected and knew that someone was there if I needed guidance. Now that I have the opportunity to be Social Chair I plan to make connections with other clubs to expand the SHPE name and make our club highly know among students.

Javier Barrera

Professional Liaison
Studies Computer Science

SHPE CSUN is a place where anyone can feel welcomed, even shy people such as myself. Being in a familia helps others reach heights they didn’t think they could even reach. That’s why throughout the year I hope to not only grow as an individual, but to also help others get past their comfort zone and help them achieve everything to their greatest potential.

Xavier Sosa

SHPE Jr. Liason
Studies Electrical Engineering

This year I want to motivate our SHPE Jr chapters to create successful replicas of our university’s organization, and motivate them to study STEM fields. By doing so these students should feel prepared to attend any university which they want and succeed in all their endeavors.