My experience freshman year in the engineering field didn’t happen the way I expected. I didn’t go to tutoring because I was too shy, and I didn’t make as many friends as I’d hoped to. I joined SHPE in hopes to find a sense of connection, that I could fit in somewhere. My second semester of freshman year I became a member; each and every day SHPE has helped me grow and they have accepted me into their familia. With their help and encouragement, I joined the executive board; I might have been rushing into everything, but I knew the SHPE familia was going to be there to support me.

Because of SHPE, I not only have more friends, but I am now part of a familia. Joining SHPE was one of the best decisions I have made; I became a member my second semester of freshman year, and it is never too late to join.

Vanessa Quintero

Intern at Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory